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Perth, Western Australia multidisciplinary artist.

I am interested in exploring the in-between condition of the corporeal body. What drives my work is the fluidity of the margins of the physical body and the ability for garment to stand in as a rim or extension of the bodily margins. I find these spaces of body to be simultaneously abject and desirable. I want my work to drive you to touch, fondle, and watch while at the same time feel repelled and disgusted. 

My practice investigates the fluidness of the corporeal body explored through a multidisciplinary studio approach involving garment, object, ceramics body, performance, video and sound. Finding that the body is unfixed, permeable and penetrable, the work explores how the viewer’s gaze contributes to these ambiguous thresholds of the body. How do the un-definable margins of the body simultaneously entice and repel us?


Most recently the work aims to produce alternatives to the heteronormative male gaze while examining how this is heavily filtered through a colonial white centric lens. Exploring the homogenised ideologies, values and desires of the body and questioning how we look at and handle the body through subversion of the traditional westernised gendered roles of gaze and the body. 

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